Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and a New Cash Cow

Its been a while. Whew! As the little sister on Boy Meets World said "That was the longest time out ever!"
My birthday has come and gone. I am now 23 years old. Holy Moly! I know to most people that's young. But I have to wonder how... when... I turned 23. It's crazy!
My nephew showed up on December 11th. One week after my birthday. He isn't even my kid and I am so in love with him. Its crazy!
Christmas was a few days ago. It was good. A little bittersweet. A year ago I was married and happy. And then this year it was all gone. But I actually didn't think too much of it this week. Thankfully. It was a good time with my family. And I am thankful for that
Oh and my favorite family had their 18th child. Congrats to the Duggar's on their new cash cow.. er I mean child. True to Duggar tradition they name their little girl with a name starting with a "J". Jordyn-Grace Makiya. Honestly, little Jordyn- Grace has the prettiest name of them all. Unlike Jinger, who I am still trying to figure out WHY her parents named her that.
I have been doing some research on their "religion" to see what they are all about and WHY they have 18 children. I want a large family. I believe in God. But I am NOT crazy! They are part of a religion called QuiverFull. I found this link for their views on birth control. Now, here's the thing. I don't believe in the birth control pill. NOT because it can cause abortions as Randy Alcorn believes. But because it controls your hormones. But I 100% believe in non hormonal methods of hormones.
I found this on the QuiverFull web page. And it enraged me. I feel like he is totally saying that God doesn't like me because I can't have kids (go to the link and read the whole article to get why I said that). But this is basically saying I shouldn't even TRY to have kids...

"Some say, "Look, we're constantly interfering with God-ordained natural processes—like every time we cut our hair or fingernails; so why not use contraceptives?" I guess I see a special sanctity on the reproductive process where the analogy breaks down. God is never said to be the one who determines fingernail length, but he is said to be the one who opens and closes the womb. Hence, if we become too aggressive in our attempts to close the womb (and perhaps even to open it, as in the case of fertility treatments, artificial insemination, etc.), we may be usurping the prerogatives of God."

And what's more, on his website, he quotes this as well about Invitro Fertilization:

Dr. James Dobson, in his book Solid Answers, says this concerning invitro fertilization:

I believe most conservative Christians would agree this practice is morally indefensible from a biblical perspective.

So what does this mean for me? According to them, I clearly can't drug myself with medicines such as Clomid. And I can't do IVF because it it "morally indefensible." So where does that leave me?

Okay last quote.. I swear! But this is about how he voted, and why he voted for John McCain:

So, is the candidate’s stand on the issue of shedding innocent blood important enough to disqualify him as a candidate? Yes. While a single issue can’t qualify a candidate, it can disqualify him. In my opinion, this issue clearly disqualifies Barack Obama, just as it disqualified Republican Rudy Giuliani.

Don't get me wrong here. I voted for McCain. I loved his views. I am anti-abortion and totally pro-life. But here is the thing. How can ONE issue be it for these people? Does the war not matter to them? Does the economy not matter? Does healthcare not matter? Do we want to bring these babies, that seem to be the center of their whole existence, into a world with war, and one with a depression looming, and leave them with no healthcare?! Does this not matter to them? Ugh...

Okay. I totally did NOT mean to go off on that tangent. But, I feel it needs to be said. The world, or at least a lot of the world, thinks the Duggar's are great people. And while I think they their children (excluding the ones under 5 because lets face it, they are under 5 lol) are all very well behaved. And they are not horrible people. But let's take a look at where their values lie and why they lie there, before we worship them.

Have a fantabulous day loves!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Let's pretend for a moment that I am a photographer (which I am not! lol). These would be my best shots. Well so far. I have like 12 rolls of film to be developed. Yes. Developed. I thought it a good idea to start on film. Or Ashley told me it was a good idea to learn on film. Welll... what neither of us accounted for was my obsession with the fact that I can't see what the picture turns out to be. Soooo I take like 12 of the same shot. I'm hoping for a digital sometime... sooon!

Ignore for a moment that he is picking his nose. Its hard to photograph the unwilling.And for the record I did make that diaper cake. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm gonna get in trouble for this. But I have a new obsession. Okay not so new, but ever growing. His name is Rob Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen. IDK what it is, so don't ask me to explain it. But I've seen the movie about a zillion times already (no I'm not kidding). As one of the patients described it to me, he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. But that's not it. He has flaws, which I don't wanna point out right now- it would ruin him. But that voice. Please tell me I'm not crazy. His voice is like.. well like Edward's was described in the book- angelic, swoonworthy. Something about it makes me want to listen to it all day.
The movie wasn't as great as I would have thought it would be. But considering it was filmed in 48 days and was low budget, what more could you ask for? I still think it was worth it to see it the zillion times though. He isn't the only cutie in the movie tho. Did anyone else find Jasper strangely attractive?

I give you- the Cullens. Emmit is cute as well. But I think its more his personality in the book than anything. Not taking life -er death? seriously. mmmm I think I'll go see it again for my birthday....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gimme Gimme!

Our world has turned into a society of people walking around with their hands out. I shit you not. When did it become acceptable to take things we don't need, just because they are free. I understand that sometimes there is a dire need for things that we simply cannot afford. I understand the need of some people on Medical. I understand some people on disability. I understand some people on unemployment. What I don't get is the people who don't need it. Do they realize that they are taking it from someone who has a true need? NO because they are selfish. They don't care about anyone but themselves.
We no longer live in a society where we do what we can for ourselves. We live in a society where we want to see what society can do for us. And what if it isn't enough? They whine and bitch about it. Like we owe them or something. I never knew people deserve to get paid for sitting on their asses. I wish life was that easy. Some of us go to work for our money. I even go to work for my money and I still am poorer than dirt. So why did I see someone who I knew was on medical the other day, driving a camero? How fair is that? It sent me into a fit of rage.
I make very little money. I survive. I have an apartment (yes it is practically free, but I still pay to live here) I have a car, and I have insurance. I don't live in low income housing. I am not on medi-cal or medicare. Because I don't need it. I get by.
I am not bashing on those people who truly need it. Those who have tried and the system has failed. I understand, shit happens. But when you can afford a house and a camero, and you can go out to eat- don't take public handouts. That's just trashy.
Oh and another thing. If you are on food stamps, what in living HELL are you doing buying pizza and donuts and candy and soda? Shouldn't you worry about eating something GOOD with some nutritional value to it. I mean you can't afford to buy it. So why should we pay for it? If I know someone isn't getting to eat, I'm gonna make sure they eat the right stuff before the wrong. Just a thought...

Monday, November 3, 2008

I stalk because I care

I'm glad that people are stalking me, it means that I am important enough in their lives that they want to check up on me. :)

I decided to start taking up photography as a hobby. I want to start Project 365. I found out my dad has an older SLR camera. It was from when we were younger, but I figure its good to learn on. So I take the first roll of film (black and white) take it to Walmart- they don't develop black and white. So I buy color film. Take a roll, it gets ruined. Somehow the film came OUT of the roll. So I take another roll today, take it to get it developed at Walmart- 1 hour. Walk around Walmart for an hour. Come back a little early. They hadn't started. I walked around for another 10 minutes. Came back, and they told me IT COULDN'T BE DEVELOPED. So I wasted a damn hour of my life for nothing. So upset. So I told my dad he could have his camera back. I was too pissed. I wanna give up.. but then again I don't. The pictures I took, even though I never saw them, were fun. I'm looking into one right now (thanks Aaron).

The kitties are all getting along- all THREE of them. This house is insane. Its funny.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 New Babies!!

Have I mentioned before that I love the K's? Ashley wanted a dog, but they needed to get rid of their kitties first. So they gave them to us! So I have two new babies, Bella and Mini. I'll post pictures when I get some up here. They are adjusting to the new house okay. We already have one cat here, and they are all afraid of each other. Its kinda funny lol. Sapphire tries to intimidate Bella and Mini. And they are totally unphased by it. I'm way excited to have kitties of my own. I wanna be a grown up now. I am so sick of it. Blech.
Last night was Mike's birthday. I had a freakin ball. We went to the bar that he regulars. He got shit faced. Very. I We walked the three blocks home. At one point Mike fell in a bush! That's the closest I have come to ever peeing my pants ever. I was like sitting in the middle of the road laughing! "help me! I can't get up!" haha uhhmazing! And then Ashley peed in the doorway of a store we were walking by. And Chantal said our walk was uneventful! How bad are they usually?! Then we played Rockband. Think, drunk me singing. Oh my! And then we went to bed. And I somehow got up at 6 AM for work at 7... somehow...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitten Fever!

Typically I am known for my raging baby fever. but tonight its something different, kitten fever! Due to the current state of my marital affairs, baby fever does not make sense. But kitten fever is okay. My roommate, a.k.a. my cousin, already has one. And so we were looking at kittens online today and I think I am going to get one. Does anyone know where I can get free/cheap kittens in San Diego? ♥

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm back and The Duggars are on my nerves

I HAVE A COMPUTER!!!! Yes folks you read that right. I have my own computer now. Hence the serious lack of blogging lately. I surrendered the old one to "the ex" and I ordered myself a shiny new one. With my own money I might add. Yes that's right, I AM damn proud! Only its not so shiny... its PINK! So I should be back to blogging now. Now that I can store everything and not worry about SOMEONE leaking all my effin info!

So let me get started on a topic that Ashley and I are currently discussing- The Duggars. I know you've heard of them, the family with 17- soon to be 18- kids. I'm gonna throw my opinion out there right now. I don't like them. I think they are selfish. The doctors have suggested, no wait TOLD her not to have anymore kids. She can't hardly find a doctor who will deliver her anymore. Yet they keep going. Why? Is there a reason she's going? No. They just "leave it to God." I'm sorry but I am pretty sure God doesn't want one woman to have a million kids. That's just stupidity. Is it worth putting yourself and your unborn child in danger? No it really isn't. I want a big family but 18+ is just ridiculous!

And how much 1 on 1 time can you give your kids when you have 18 or more? Its seriously depriving their children of essential time. Not to mention the fact that the oldest kids always have to watch the youngest ones. I wonder how much Michelle, the mother, does. The kids have "jurisdictions" which are like chores. But they like clean the parents room and do the cooking and do the laundry. Does Michelle do anything besides pop out babies? That goes for Jim-Bob as well, what do you get the fun part? Don't get me wrong, obviously they are good parents. 17 children and they all seem pretty well behaved. But something just isn't right with this family!

Ugh okay they are like word vomit to me and I could go on and on, the names- OH the names! "J" seriously? There are only so many... The dating practices- don't get me started!! And so so much more. But for now I leave you with that. The craziness that is the Duggars!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Or trying to anyways

I'm moving in with my cousin up in Temecula! So excited! But its taking a little while to get there. My moms house is a disaster with my stuff everywhere. I have to go through the boxes and boxes of things that were suddenly packed up in a rush last week. I know for a fact I ended up with a bunch of Chris's stuff. It kinda makes me mad. I got things like his poker chips... wth? What do I need those for? I still have his laptop, I took it because it is our biggest argument. And its really not fair that he gets to keep it when I need one too. But, I am buying a new one later this week and giving this one back.

We actually aren't doing this on horrible terms. Yes we argue- a lot. But we've always argued a lot. The big issue here is that he thinks I owe him the World (even tho he will deny it until he is blue in the face). And I don't owe him the World. This whole marriage has been US and he's making it Me and Him. So that's our biggest drama I think so far.

But back to the move. I am working on getting a car that gets better gas mileage. The Yukon sucks gas. And the drive is nearly an hour to work each way (or so Shannon says). I think I am buying my old Camry back- YAY! But I have to figure out how to get a $3,000 loan. Oh and did I mention that my credit is shitty? Fabulous.

But all in all I am in a fabulous place where I am super comfortable and happy. And life is getting better slowly but surely.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Project 365?

I first heard about Project 365 from Kassi. IDK if that is the official name or something she just called it. But regardless, I'm considering starting it. I know nothing about photography. But Its a good way to learn right?

So I'd like some input. Project 365 or not?

Why I won't leave CW

...because of my divorce

Corpswives started as a support system to get me through this last deployment. I signed up, thinking I wouldn't use it. Little did I know...

It turned into one of the most amazing "friends" for me. It really is. The whole board is like a person to me. When I have a question, I go there. When my heart is breaking, I go there. Its not like I am dependent on it to go through my day. There are things I keep from them, but there are also those things that I cannot WAIT to tell them. One day that time will come. But I have managed to gather some of my best friends from that website.

I won't leave, because it is a part of me. Marine Wife or not. I am a CW sister. In the future, I may marry another Marine. Or I may marry a civilian. Regardless, I am going to need my girls support. And they are there for me. And I love them for it.

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Starting Over!

In the midst of this stupid stupid divorce, I have decided it is time to start a new blog! Its gonna be happy. And all about how I am trying to start over from a place where I was comfortable. This should be good!

Oh and this time, we're steering clear of the work stuff.