Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm gonna get in trouble for this. But I have a new obsession. Okay not so new, but ever growing. His name is Rob Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen. IDK what it is, so don't ask me to explain it. But I've seen the movie about a zillion times already (no I'm not kidding). As one of the patients described it to me, he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. But that's not it. He has flaws, which I don't wanna point out right now- it would ruin him. But that voice. Please tell me I'm not crazy. His voice is like.. well like Edward's was described in the book- angelic, swoonworthy. Something about it makes me want to listen to it all day.
The movie wasn't as great as I would have thought it would be. But considering it was filmed in 48 days and was low budget, what more could you ask for? I still think it was worth it to see it the zillion times though. He isn't the only cutie in the movie tho. Did anyone else find Jasper strangely attractive?

I give you- the Cullens. Emmit is cute as well. But I think its more his personality in the book than anything. Not taking life -er death? seriously. mmmm I think I'll go see it again for my birthday....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gimme Gimme!

Our world has turned into a society of people walking around with their hands out. I shit you not. When did it become acceptable to take things we don't need, just because they are free. I understand that sometimes there is a dire need for things that we simply cannot afford. I understand the need of some people on Medical. I understand some people on disability. I understand some people on unemployment. What I don't get is the people who don't need it. Do they realize that they are taking it from someone who has a true need? NO because they are selfish. They don't care about anyone but themselves.
We no longer live in a society where we do what we can for ourselves. We live in a society where we want to see what society can do for us. And what if it isn't enough? They whine and bitch about it. Like we owe them or something. I never knew people deserve to get paid for sitting on their asses. I wish life was that easy. Some of us go to work for our money. I even go to work for my money and I still am poorer than dirt. So why did I see someone who I knew was on medical the other day, driving a camero? How fair is that? It sent me into a fit of rage.
I make very little money. I survive. I have an apartment (yes it is practically free, but I still pay to live here) I have a car, and I have insurance. I don't live in low income housing. I am not on medi-cal or medicare. Because I don't need it. I get by.
I am not bashing on those people who truly need it. Those who have tried and the system has failed. I understand, shit happens. But when you can afford a house and a camero, and you can go out to eat- don't take public handouts. That's just trashy.
Oh and another thing. If you are on food stamps, what in living HELL are you doing buying pizza and donuts and candy and soda? Shouldn't you worry about eating something GOOD with some nutritional value to it. I mean you can't afford to buy it. So why should we pay for it? If I know someone isn't getting to eat, I'm gonna make sure they eat the right stuff before the wrong. Just a thought...

Monday, November 3, 2008

I stalk because I care

I'm glad that people are stalking me, it means that I am important enough in their lives that they want to check up on me. :)

I decided to start taking up photography as a hobby. I want to start Project 365. I found out my dad has an older SLR camera. It was from when we were younger, but I figure its good to learn on. So I take the first roll of film (black and white) take it to Walmart- they don't develop black and white. So I buy color film. Take a roll, it gets ruined. Somehow the film came OUT of the roll. So I take another roll today, take it to get it developed at Walmart- 1 hour. Walk around Walmart for an hour. Come back a little early. They hadn't started. I walked around for another 10 minutes. Came back, and they told me IT COULDN'T BE DEVELOPED. So I wasted a damn hour of my life for nothing. So upset. So I told my dad he could have his camera back. I was too pissed. I wanna give up.. but then again I don't. The pictures I took, even though I never saw them, were fun. I'm looking into one right now (thanks Aaron).

The kitties are all getting along- all THREE of them. This house is insane. Its funny.