Monday, March 9, 2009


What did I get myself into...?

...More to come on that later

What a slow weekend looks like

I feel like I had a slow weekend. But it wasn't. Maybe it was just slow in the definition of men. I managed to dance with not one, but two 19 year olds (it was a favor to someone!). One of those 19 year olds being a midget. Okay, he wasn't a midget. But he was like 5'4". I'm not a short girl. I am about 5'11"- you do the math.
I also managed to stand around and look like a damn idiot while all my friends were asked to dance. That's a huge confidence boost, let me tell ya. NOT. Fuck. What is going on? I managed to find two really hot guys. Only to discover about a half hour later- THEY HAD X's! Wth?
So lemme start with Friday. K was willing to DD for me. Awesome. Love that girl. Got to the bar. Met up with C who was having drama. So we went to the bar. SoCo shots it is. Now I don't usually do shots. But when I do, I am a champ... Getting up for work was not fun. I was sick until about 5:30 on Saturday.

Saturday I was 100% sober. I wanted NOTHING to do with alcohol. I still don't. I actually had to think twice about going out that night. I learned a few new dances which I am totally proud of. Now onto some pictures...

Needless to say, I don't plan on drinking until May. Even though that's a lie. I don't really want to repeat Friday night/Saturday morning over again. Unless I don't have to work. So we'll see, right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She's Country

I've been into Jason Aldean sice "Amarillo Sky" came out. Now, he will be here in 2 weeks. And I will be there. Who is Jason Aldean?

THAT is Jason Aldean

I could stare at that face forever. Anyways, I now have the urge to get cowboy boots. And a cowboy hat. I found some boots yesterday
But I don't have $90 just lying around. So, I am ChaChaing for the money. I'm at $82 or something right now. I need $18 by the 15th in order to get my direct deposit. I think I should be able to do it. I need to find a cute hat too. Any ideas?

I'm certainly not country. But I'm as country as it comes for San Diego I think. And for the first time in a long time, I feel happy. I feel like who I am and who I am supposed to be. And that is why I am taking this and running.

There isn't much to report on any other front. I wish I could show you a picture of the new man crush. But that would be totally stalkerish. CW is down. I don't know what we are all gonna do. We sorta get lost when that happens haha.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This made my week

I'm not one of those girls who will believe anything a guy tells her. Let me start there.
Last night I was out with Cyndi and Sarah. We were all in bad moods. Sarah had every reason to be. Cyndi did too. Me, not really. I think theirs just rubbed off on me. I had a moment when all I needed to do was seethe. So I walked out with Cyndi and took a cigarette. No I am not a smoker. I smoke when I drink. I wasn't drinking. I just needed to relax. There were these two guys standing next to us, but it wasn't anything, they just happened to be there. I was talking to Cyndi and moving my arms to talk and I flung my arms back, and sure enough- burned some guys hand. I felt like the biggest asshat (yes the word is actually relevent here)around. I made sure the guy was okay, and when he talked he had a Brittish accent. We thought he was faking. Turns out the two guys standing next to us were with him. He starts talking to his friend about the girl that burnt him (while standing next to me mind you). His friend had an Irish accent. We totally thought they were faking. Asked them all sorts of questions, including "why are you in America, and at the Stampede?" They told us they were in the British Navy and here for 2 weeks for a sky diving class. Bull shit. We let them know that we 100% believed that they were lying to us and that their accents were fake. But we still talked to them, they were cute.

After a while, I decided the lie was getting old and asked to see an ID to prove that they weren't from America. Damn. "British Royal Navy" was all I saw at first. Shit. They were telling the truth. That made them all the cuter. So we get to talkin. I bullshit Owen, the guy from Ireland. We were talking about Irish heritage. I Tell him that I have the most Irish name of Cyndi and Sarah. I do. Legally. Then Sarah told him not to believe me and it was my divorced name lol. True. But then I say but my first name is Colleen. Nothing makes me smile more than an Irish man telling me "Thats a good Irish name." I kinda felt like saying "well no shit." But I didn't. An American girl with an Irish name like the (it means literally "Irish Girl").

We were all out talking. And Sarah comes in to tell us that "God Bless Texas" is on. Gotta dance. Shit. The boys. So we invite them in and tell them we will teach them to dance. They took us up on it. But when we got in the song was over. Another song came on. I didn't know this one. Owen, Alex (the british guy) and I tried to learn it. I think I heard "This isn't dancing" over and over. lol.

They are in town for 2 weeks, so I told them they had to come back next weekend. We'll see if they do. But either way, I met a handful of guys (we met more later on) from the British Royal Navy. All because I burnt one with a cigarette.