Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 New Babies!!

Have I mentioned before that I love the K's? Ashley wanted a dog, but they needed to get rid of their kitties first. So they gave them to us! So I have two new babies, Bella and Mini. I'll post pictures when I get some up here. They are adjusting to the new house okay. We already have one cat here, and they are all afraid of each other. Its kinda funny lol. Sapphire tries to intimidate Bella and Mini. And they are totally unphased by it. I'm way excited to have kitties of my own. I wanna be a grown up now. I am so sick of it. Blech.
Last night was Mike's birthday. I had a freakin ball. We went to the bar that he regulars. He got shit faced. Very. I We walked the three blocks home. At one point Mike fell in a bush! That's the closest I have come to ever peeing my pants ever. I was like sitting in the middle of the road laughing! "help me! I can't get up!" haha uhhmazing! And then Ashley peed in the doorway of a store we were walking by. And Chantal said our walk was uneventful! How bad are they usually?! Then we played Rockband. Think, drunk me singing. Oh my! And then we went to bed. And I somehow got up at 6 AM for work at 7... somehow...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitten Fever!

Typically I am known for my raging baby fever. but tonight its something different, kitten fever! Due to the current state of my marital affairs, baby fever does not make sense. But kitten fever is okay. My roommate, a.k.a. my cousin, already has one. And so we were looking at kittens online today and I think I am going to get one. Does anyone know where I can get free/cheap kittens in San Diego? ♥

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm back and The Duggars are on my nerves

I HAVE A COMPUTER!!!! Yes folks you read that right. I have my own computer now. Hence the serious lack of blogging lately. I surrendered the old one to "the ex" and I ordered myself a shiny new one. With my own money I might add. Yes that's right, I AM damn proud! Only its not so shiny... its PINK! So I should be back to blogging now. Now that I can store everything and not worry about SOMEONE leaking all my effin info!

So let me get started on a topic that Ashley and I are currently discussing- The Duggars. I know you've heard of them, the family with 17- soon to be 18- kids. I'm gonna throw my opinion out there right now. I don't like them. I think they are selfish. The doctors have suggested, no wait TOLD her not to have anymore kids. She can't hardly find a doctor who will deliver her anymore. Yet they keep going. Why? Is there a reason she's going? No. They just "leave it to God." I'm sorry but I am pretty sure God doesn't want one woman to have a million kids. That's just stupidity. Is it worth putting yourself and your unborn child in danger? No it really isn't. I want a big family but 18+ is just ridiculous!

And how much 1 on 1 time can you give your kids when you have 18 or more? Its seriously depriving their children of essential time. Not to mention the fact that the oldest kids always have to watch the youngest ones. I wonder how much Michelle, the mother, does. The kids have "jurisdictions" which are like chores. But they like clean the parents room and do the cooking and do the laundry. Does Michelle do anything besides pop out babies? That goes for Jim-Bob as well, what do you get the fun part? Don't get me wrong, obviously they are good parents. 17 children and they all seem pretty well behaved. But something just isn't right with this family!

Ugh okay they are like word vomit to me and I could go on and on, the names- OH the names! "J" seriously? There are only so many... The dating practices- don't get me started!! And so so much more. But for now I leave you with that. The craziness that is the Duggars!