Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I thought since it was 1 am that I was posting this wayyyy earlier than Jennifer (The Foster Family) and therefore I wouldn't have the link. Ahhh but she beat me to it and already posted hers and a link!

Okay so here we go.

1. Amanda reminded me last week that I need to take a trip to Florida. I can't believe I forgot to post that! So #1 is a trip to florida!


2. Okay, I understand he's married. I even get that he has two daughters. But, is that gonna stop me?! Ask anyone around me. I will marry this man. Haha okay that's creepy. But you might wanna keep me away from him cause whose to stop me from kissing him?? Jason Aldean :) (oh why yes, this is my cell phone wallpaper haha)


3. No credit card debt. The fact that he fucked me over when he divorced me, is killing me. I'm not even gonna post how much debt he left me in (oh and he walked away from it all!) but lets just say I'm 23 and getting away from it isn't even an option right now- there's a reason I have two jobs.


4. Teeeechnically this is stolen. But, I've been thinking all night how bad I need a massage. Volleyball is kicking my ass right now :(


5. And because I have the patience of a 5 year old. I wish New Moon would come out already. You can only read books so many times before you want to see the movie... rather Rob Pattinsons face.


Oh and I have no idea if that's an official poster or not. I had never seen it before and so I figured why not?

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Amanda said...

Yeah for FL!!! Thats the best wish! haha!