Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Volleyball on Tuesdays

Yes. I have been back to playing volleyball for the past 4 weeks now. I can safely say that I have successfully forgotten how to play. No. I didn't forget the rules or the basics. In fact, most of it came back- covering the block, my (amaaaaaazing) jump serve, setters hands. But explain to me why I have THE WORST timing I have ever seen in my life? No, I'm down there with the 14 year olds I used to coach (well I subbed for their coach, I had the 16 year olds). I hit like 90% today WITH MY FOREARM!!! WTH?! Okay, giving myself a bit of a break, it was a guys net and there were 4 of us so I was tired. But really?? I've NEVER done that, not even when I was 10 and just starting. Hitting has never been a challenge for me, it just came naturally. Sooo again, I repeat MY FOREARM?! Arg... Whatever, my college days are over, and tonight made that absolutely clear. But I'm playing in the Palomar Alumni Game in August. Back on a girls net. We'll see if that goes any better.
I got a second job. I'm back to working at the Vons I used to work at. I'm excited to be back. I missed the people there. They are amazing.
Other than all that, life has been slightly uneventful. And I am okay with that. The divorce is final very soon. And right now, that's all I can ask for.

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